Have you Seen me at the Cafe?

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Menu Art and Other Fun Projects with Local Cafes

Geelong Cafes are a great place to showcase my Art and I love popping in for a coffee and enjoying the local talent on the walls. I have been chosen on multiple occasions to have my work shown on the Winter’s Cafe Menu. It is such a great opportunity and not to mention a wonderful way to support up and coming artists.

I have also partook in creating Adult Colouring Postcards for a new little Cafe opened up on Lt. Malop Street, in downtown Geelong, called Craft Spaces. It is a light and airy spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and a bit of downtime. Be sure to check out my line drawing there.

My Design, titled, Sunnies Baby! is a fun take on going out to the beach on a hot Summer’s day and taking a photo with a friend. You can fill it in with your own colour scheme and make a beautiful picture to keep or sent to a friend. I really enjoyed making this line drawing and I hope you enjoy colouring it in too!