Floral Panels

Abstracted Floral Drawings


Flower Drawings are something that I return to many times in my portfolio. There is something so dauntingly interesting and astoundingly beautiful about the way each individual petal situates itself along side one another. Like the female form, flowers can be abstracted to the point where they no longer visually appear as a flower, but you somehow know exactly what you are looking at. This type of abstraction is very prominent in my work.

I drew inspiration from photos of X-ray and Infra Red Images of flowers. I loved the way in which the flowers took on an almost translucent form and the otherwise hidden parts of the flower becomes seen. This adds to the changeability of the foreground to the background allowing the eye to trick itself into seeing a 3-dimensional form.

This is an ongoing project of mine. Presently these works are for sale as prints on canvas or paper and some as oil paintings on wood panel. If you are interested in purchase please contact me for pricing and availability.


Collection of Floral Panels