Flower Wreath is a three-part series of digital collage featuring flowers and female figures. The prominence of floral arrangement is scaled back compared with prior works, but a new element of geometric framing is introduced. Each instalment illustrates a drawn feminine figure encased in a circular picture plane.

In this series the three figures are unified by a common skin tone, while other elements differ. This was intended as an expression of the common beauty shared by all women. Beauty is not constrained by particular guidelines.


Second Instalment of Flower Women


Flower Wreath. Cc. March 2016 Artist: Saabira Razac. Digital Drawing.


“Ofelia” is the 1st of the ladies, holding residence at the RHS of the instalment. She is adorned with violet daisies, like a crown atop her flowing hair. As I was filing in her cool violet tones, I kept thinking about the innocent and childlike nature of her face. Her creamy, youthful skin tone against the darken violet wavy locks, reminiscences an effortless beauty.

“Jesenia” is the middle lady and is adorned with a Pink Lily Flower and addresses the viewer straight on. She wears a single lily in her hair, with vibrant cool red tones cascading down her shoulders. I chose to have all three women in the same skin tone and manipulate their hair colour. This helped to unify the 3 drawings while keeping each figure understated and almost monochromatic in appearance.

“Julia” is the 3rd of the ladies, on the LHS of the instalment. She is adorned in icy blue and cement tones, with creamy, flawless skin. Despite her very cold colour palette, her skin tones adds warmth to the image and balances the drawing. I chose to display her as a profile snapshot, but included her back for a more modern take on the traditional profile portraiture.

On Exhibition at Pakington Fare. 327 Pakington St, Geelong.
Jan 2016-Nov2016

All 3 pieces paper prints, framed sized A1. If interested please enquire regarding pricing.

Flower Women2_Full
Flower Wreath. Artist: Saabira Razac. On Exhibition at Pakington Fare.