Flower Women

The Flower Women series is an exploration of digital Collage. Digital drawing and photography were used to blend bold, graphic styles with layers of textural elements. Striking colour palettes, collage techniques and simple composition create intimate portraits of female faces with floral headwear.

Inspired respectively by a stem of lavender, fluttering petals in the breeze and mythical blue roses, each image attempts to relate the expression of the drawn figure to the emotion generated in the viewer.

Digital Prints on Stretched Canvas

This 3-part series are all digital drawings printed onto canvas and stretched over a timber frame. They are sized A3. Please enquire if interested in pricing.


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“Lavender”. Cc Dec 2014

This is an exploration of collage drawing techniques as an extension of Saabira’s portraiture and figure compositions. Digital drawing tools were used to blend bold, graphic styles with layered, tonal elements. The warm blush shades, complimented by cool violet tones create the impression of a lavender stem. “Lavender” was featured in the Surf Coast Shire 2015 Calendar as well as on the Winter’s Cafe Summer Menu 2014. This piece was also used as the Advertising Campaign for the Surf Coast Shire 2016 Calendar Competition and Exhibition.

Presently, “Lavender” is being exhibited at Winter’s Cafe, Pakington St., Geelong.

“Daisy”. Cc Jan 2015

Her rosy pink skin tone compliments the murky slate grey tones beautifully. Saabira chose Daisies as the focal point of this piece as they appeared to flutter like butterflies and nest in this beauty’s locks. There is a sense of movement in these flowers that give the entire image an animated feel.

“Blue Roses” Cc Feb 2015

The lemon yellow and cool steely blue tones create and air of innocence in this piece. Her angelic face and pinned back locks, suits the placement of these otherwise mythical Blue Roses. She almost looks to sweet and innocent to be real, similar to the allure of the whimsical blue rose.

Presently, “Blue Roses” is being exhibited at Winter’s Cafe, Pakington St., Geelong.

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