Al Hirschfeld: The Emotion of a Line

When someone asks you, “Who inspires you to create?”, you wonder firstly, where do I begin. You ask yourself, well, how much to I say? What’s the really interesting part? Will it really matter in the end? Frankly, an artist, talking about the great works that inspire them will go on for days. So bare with me it i seem to ramble on.
I am interested in the power of line. The way a line can carry so much information and weight. My work is greatly inspired by the power of a fluid line, wrapping the contours of a figure to create something that is completely abstracted yet highly representational. If you think back to the times of more traditional comic strips, where the figures were renderend with a single line, yet they were so animated, so formalised and very accurate in proportions and form.

Consider the works of Hirschfeld. His drawing were merely fluid lines that carried the emotion and the personality of whom he was drawing. The power of the wrist flick and the strength of a continuous line, allows the artist to create a rendering chucked full of personality, emotion and movement. His work has very much inspired my line usage. Despite the fact that his work was only recognised for its animated aspects, I do encourage this sort of line tactic in my own work, for creating a rendering that not only aesthetically looks like the person, but rather evokes their personality and ties an emotion onto it, is nothing short of brilliant!

Works of Hirechfeld