Saabira Razac

The Figure Painter

“Hidden” Cc 2015. Artist Saabira Razac. Digital Drawing

Saabira has always found much interest in People Watching; learning about people’s mannerisms of all walks of life and enjoying varying cultures. Saabira’s childhood was littered with multiculturalism and grew up celebrating  different cultures and religions. This has lead to her fascination with people and why they do the things they do. Saabira applies this interest very strongly to her Artwork. She mainly focuses on the perception of the human form and presenting it in a non conventional manner whilst maintaining a high level of sincere realism.

Her work can be described as graphic, bold and engaging. Saabira’s portfolio is an in depth understanding of shape and form. She uses colour and line to accentuate movement and body; creating a tonal and vibrant rendition with flat shapes of colour lying side by side. She draws graphically, paying close attention to light, shadow and curvature of the form. Saabira’s work strives to present a balanced composition, with line and colour wrapping the body in a tranquil series of contour lines. The balance of a strong pose whilst maintaining tranquillity in the form is something that resonates with Saabira’s pieces. She works on an array of surfaces, but favours oil paint and wood panel. Her work is very transferable. She uses Photoshop techniques and digital elements to appeal to a variety of surfaces and uses of her images.

Saabira Razac does Commission. She clients range both locally and abroad. She applies her signature style to a variety of subject matters that best suits the request of the client. Check out her past Commission pieces in the Portfolio Header of the Site.

Saabira also host Private Tutoring and Workshops with local art shops and craft spaces. She teaches individuals to become confident in their Art as well as foster an appreciation for Fine Art and the learning of Good Art Practices.  These Classes are perfect for all levels of Creative Ability.  For further information on Saabira’s Art Classes, please consult the Art Classes header of the Site.