Adult Art Classes

Adult Art Classes With Saabira Razac


If you are someone interested in exploring the Arts and desires an outlet to express your creativity, SRA Art Classes are a perfect fit for you. Join Artist, Saabira Razac for relaxed and informative tutoring in proper Painting and Drawing Practises.

SRA hosts two types of ongoing classes for 2018. A weekly Drawing Suite and weekly Painting Suite.



Our Drawing Suite focuses on Figure Drawing and learning proper drawing practises. Students are introduced to an array of important drawing techniques and foster proper skills. Classes are oriented around a Monthly Seminar that introduces a particular drawing technique. We discuss Art History and Artists that have mastered this technique and then spend the following 4-6 weeks breaking it down and learning to master it ourselves. Classes involve worksheets, prolonged drawing periods and stimulating Art History components. Students are encouraged to inspire each other as well as groom your own personal style of drawing.



Our Painting Suite focusses on the use of Oil Paints particularly towards Portraiture. Students learn to create a Portrait painting from inception to final product. In this course we spend a lot of time perfecting our brushwork, material handlings as well as fostering our own personal style. The Class is relaxed yet informative with students working on the same portrait for a 4-6 week period. We discuss our various inspirations for our paintings as well as inspire one another to create work that is inquisitive and original. Students receive a sound understanding and appreciation for the Arts as well as foster their own Artistic voice.

Both Classes are kept small for individual attention purposes. Classes are ongoing with new techniques introduced as the months progress. If you are interested Join us now!

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