Step Back In Time


Immerse yourself in the beauty of Past Masterpieces


How are we to understand what is before us if we do not take a moment to appreciate the Past. This section is dedicated to learning and introducing the vast and rich history of the Art World. Immerse yourself in the diverse themes and genres of Fine Art and enlighten yourself on the Past triumphs of Fine Art.

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Abjection and the Uncomfortable

Despite the off-putting nature of this Genre. Step into the part of Art that is meant to question your own morals and put to the forefront the uncomfortable and the unpleasant.

Egon Schiele: The Clothed Nude.

Some of the most disturbing and hauntingly beautiful drawings ever created. Egon Schiele is by far one of the best figure artists of all time.

Why Paint the Figure Nude

An Overview of Nudity in Art History Having moved to Australia for 2 years now, and being away from the safety of the University Art building walls, I have come to realise that nudity is still such a taboo subject in today’s world. As an art student, you are never too far away from “the … Continue reading Why Paint the Figure Nude