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Adult Art Classes With Saabira Razac


Artist, Saabira Razac hosts an array of Art Classes and Workshops with many institutions across the Geelong and Surf Coast Region. Her classes are teach good drawing and painting practises; ensuring that students not only learn the standards for good art making, but rather gain artistic confidence in their own work.

Saabira’s Art Classes expose the individual to a wide spectrum of Art Making, while sprinkling in snippets of art history where appropriate, so as to create relevance and spark interest in Artistic Practises.  Her classes delve into different types of art making, ensuring that the individual receives an all rounded appreciation of the Art World. Ultimately, her students foster an even greater appreciation for Art.

Saabira’s classes and workshops teach Material Handling, Material Manipulations, Drawing and Painting Practises, Prep for good Art Making as well as a host of other Artistic Practises.

If you are interested in taking a course with Saabira Razac please contact via email or social media for availability. You can also browse the “Private Tutoring” Tab for upcoming classes and Workshops.